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Paksat 1R at 38.0°E Channels List

Paksat Channels List 38 Degrees .Paksat 1R (38°E)

Latest Paksat 1R Channels List @ thirty eight Degrees. Paksat oneR was launched in August 2011 and it replaced Paksat 1. Paksat operates at thirty eight degrees east great circle. It offers C and element band coverage in seventy six countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and Pacific region. Its transmissions ar reaching virtually four billion peoples of the globe. Paksat 1R is broadcasting the majority renowned West Pakistan TV channels through the satellite dish.





Geo News3728  V29720
Geo Super3728  V29720
Geo Tez3728  V29720
Geo Tez International3728  V29720
Geo Tez International3728  V29720
Geo Kahani3728  V29720
Sahar TV3733V18000
Sindh TV News3762  V29720
Sindh TV3762  V29720
Channel243770  V29720
City423770  V29720
City413770  V29720
Rohi TV3770  V29720
UK443770  V29720
Bol News3786  H29500
Bol News Sindhi3786  H29500
Bol News Pashto3786  H29500
Bol News Balochi3786  H29500
Pak News3786  H29500
Bol News English3786  H29500
Express Entertainment3800  V29500
Express News3800  V29500
Times3800  V29500
Film World Global3818  V29500
Filmazia3818  V29500
Film World3818  V29500
Aruj TV3818  V29500
Abb Tak3959  V2898
8XM3959  V2899
KTN Entertainment3972  V2802
Kashish3972  V2803
KTN News3972  V2804
Channel 53979V3255
PTV Home4004  V15551
PTV News4004  V15552
PTV Global4004  V15553
PTV Sports4004  V15554
PTV World4004  V15555
K21 News4005  H13846
Raavi4005  H13847
Indus Vision4005H20100
Vibe4005  H13848
92 New HD4023V5600
Azad TV4037  V2402
Dil4037  V2403
On TV4037  V2404
Sabzbaat4037  V2405
Sabaoon4037  V2406
As Movies4037  V2407
Hamara4037  V2408
Dhanak4037  V2409
Uni4037  V2410
Zindagi4037  V2411
On TV(Pakistan)4037  V2412
Gawahi4037  V2413
PTV feeds4037  V3257
PTV feeds4037  V3258
PTV National4037  V3259
Aaj News4037  V2172
Play Entertainment4037  V2173
Aaj Entertainment4037  V2174
TV One4037  V2312
News One4037  V2313
Waseb TV4037  V2314
Business Plus4037  V2142
Zaiqa4037  V2143
VU 14037  V2173
VU 24037  V2174
VU 34037  V2175
VU 44037  V2176
Neo News4042V4042
Waqat News4047V3255
Dawn News4086V2960
Dunya Entertainment4089V3333
Roze TV4102V2800
A Plus4120V5000
Din News4130V2500
Capital TV4184V2800
Mehran TV4181V2170

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